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I am Darren Monioro, founder of The B.O.X, a unique equity crowdfunding platform which provides a full suite of resources to founders of black origin including equity capital, business support and mentoring to facilitate the growth of black owned businesses. Over the past ten years, I have worked across the financial and FinTech industries and am a business and property investor with a strong passion for technology, wealth building and investment.  I am a versatile and high achieving project manager with experience in deploying and managing multi-million pound projects and in heading up cross-functional teams across the globe. I have a deep understanding of building businesses, and am committed to sharing this knowledge, to address the lack of black business ownership and economic influence in the UK. I founded The B.O.X, to provide a platform with a simple yet powerful mission at its heart, to champion the sharpest minds in black enterprises by helping them to unlock their full growth potential so that we can truly realise the economic value of 'Black Owned eXcellence'.


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